The Venus Viva treatments tighten existing collagen fibers in the dermis, while also stimulating collagen production cells to make new collagen in the skin. This results in tightened, smooth skin, as well as reduced wrinkles. Reduce appearance of acne scars. rosacea, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. If you are looking to turn back the clock on your skin, Venus Viva is the procedure for you!

How the Procedure Works

Fractional Venus Viva treatments use nano-sized pin formations on the treatment head to send microscopic columns of RF energy through the skin to the dermis. The radio frequency causes heat in the dermis, injuring existing collagen, and stimulating the body’s own healing response—resulting in the production of new collagen. The Fractional Venus Viva procedure only lasts 15 minutes, and may involve using a topical anesthetic cream and cryogen skin cooler to further increase comfort, if the patient desires.**

Recovery and Healing

Because the pin formation on the head is so small (160 stainless steel needles), the Venus Viva device causes greater tissue injury to the dermis rather than the epidermis. This allows for little to no downtime. However, there are possible side effects such as red, warm skin or mild irritation, both of which will resolve in only a few hours.**  Further post-treatment care will be discussed before and after your treatment is completed