• Pam Moore

Vitamin C Facial at Home ~ Great for everyone especially sensitive, sun worshipers, and smokers

Cleansing Remove eye makeup with Limu Facial Cleanser. Soak flat cotton pad and gently move across the eye letting the liquid soak in the lash.

2. Second Cleansing Apply a nickel size amount of Limu Facial Cleanser, this cleanser is good to massage with circular motion over forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, and neck area. Allow it to sit for 5 seconds then completely remove with damp, warm cloth.

3. Tone & Examine This is a good time to examine with magnifying lamp to determine skin condition. To calm and soothe the skin use Vital Hydrant Toner all over face and neck, remove any excess with cool cloth or cotton pad.

4. Apply the Complex C Serum all over face and neck area. This will hydrate, calm, and condition the surface of the skin. " When masque is applied this will be the perfect layer of antioxidant vitamin C boost!

5. Masque Apply the AHA Mint Masque all over the face and neck area and let set for 5 to 10 minutes. " EXTRA HYDRATION: Adding a thick layer (dime in consistency) of this masque will give your client more hydration. Remove with a damp cloth. " TONE AND TIGHTEN: For a tight and tone feel apply a thin (brushed) layer. Remove with a wet sponge first to loosen the clay base, and then remove with a damp cloth

. 6. Apply cotton pads on both eye sockets, spritz face to refresh and hydrate with Ginseng Mineral Toner. Remove with cotton pads after approximately 20 seconds.

7. After the skin is mostly dry Apply the Complex C Serum for oily to combination skin, or Complex C Moisturizer for normal to dry skin types.

8. Final Step use the Advanced Protection SPF 30

Products used in this facial ¨

¨ Limu Facial Cleanser ¨ Vital Hydrate Toner ¨ Complex C Serum ¨ Complex C Moisturizer ¨ AHA Mint Masque ¨ Ginseng Mineral Toner ¨ Advanced Protection SPF 30 Home recommendations ¨ Facial Cleanser, with Orange Oil (Vitamin C) ¨ Vital Hydrant Toner, with Lemon Peel Oil (Vitamin C) ¨ AHA Mint Masque, with Kiwi & Grape Extract (Vitamin C) ¨ Complex C Serum, (Vitamin C) ¨ Retinol Night Crème (Vitamin C) for anti-aging, occasional blemish, sunspots, discoloration prevention. This was not used in this facial but is a great addition to the Vitamin C formulas for added benefits. For prevention of too much sun and too much free radical exposure, use the Vitamin C Serum and Advanced Protection SPF 30 religiously, every morning!

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