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Do you have dry skin

Fall is almost upon us. Now that the hustle and bustle of a busy summer is coming to an end, kids are going back to school, and weekends are clearing up, you’ll have more time on your hands to put the focus back onto caring for your skin. That’s why fall makes for the perfect opportunity to refresh your skin care routine and take time to address the concerns that have been on your mind. Seasonal changes can affect your skin in various ways. Autumn signals dryer and cooler weather ahead, so hydration and nourishment will be the two key skin care buzzwords for the fall months. To offer more targeted recommendations during the fall season, we will break down the top skin care and beauty tactics for each of the general skin types, so you’ll be able to bring your “A” game and reclaim control of your skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is easy to spot. You may have scaly or flakey patches that look rough, dull, and feel tight. There is generally less elasticity in the skin with fine lines that are more visible. The reason behind this is usually a lack of the natural sebum (oil) and lipid production in the skin that is needed to retain moisture and rebuild a protective shield against external factors, such as UV rays and pollution. If not dealt with properly, dry skin types can get worse through the transition to fall and eventually winter. For those who have dry skin, avoid using hot water when cleansing, because hot water tends to further strip the skin of its natural oils. Opt for lukewarm temperatures and use cleansers that contain oil. Staying hydrated is very important in this case, as well as regular intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can help with natural sebum

Vitality deep cleansing Oil

Luxurious rinse-off oil cleanser dissolves and washes away surface impurities to help prevent dehydration and excess sebum, leaving skin refreshed, smooth and radiant. Moisturizing formula features 15 exotic botanical ingredients, including Abyssinian, Moringa, Geranium, Kukui, Frankincense, and Sacha Inchi oils.

Limu Cleanser

Two natural ingredients of marine algae and Aloe Vera gel create a gentle but effective cleanser with no oils or harsh ingredients. Studies have shown a sufficient increase in skin flexibility and hydration with this combination. Sucrose Cocoate is a natural sugar ester that cleanses the skin gently, removing surface debris and make-up. Recommended after laser treatments or any chemical peel.

Do not let fall find you cracked and dry

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